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The biggest secret about your web site visitors revealed!

You’ve spent big bucks getting a flash web site for your new condo project and you’re registering visitors using the latest tracking system and looking at all the web stats you can get for free. That’s great.  But you’re missing out on the one thing that will give you more bang for the buck than any of your other marketing expenditures.

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Strategics (1981) is a Vancouver-based company providing information and analysis designed to minimize marketing risk for apartment condominium developers, lenders, project marketers and investors.

Frank Schliewinsky (MSc) is the principal and founder of Strategics. He has over 35 years of experience and expertise in providing comprehensive marketing and market research services to the housing and condominium development industry. His specialized expertise is in advanced analytical techniques designed to assess the market feasibility of new condominium projects and in the design of pro-active marketing strategies.

For over 15 years he edited the Strategics Vancouver Housing Market Report and Strategics Vancouver Condominium Handbook. From 2001 to 2007, he edited and wrote PwC's Greater Vancouver Condominium Review (published until December, 2007).

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phone/fax  604-608-3192 (voice mail)
skype        frank.schliewinsky